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SIEF2017 13th Congress: Göttingen, Germany
26-30 March 2017

Special congress excursions on March 30

We are delighted to be able to offer four possible excursions for delegates on the day after the conference, 30 March 2017. Please read the text below and if interested, please book your excursion by March 17th. While we realise this date is relatively early, it allows us to ascertain whether there are enough participants to make all the bookings. Late registration may be possible during the congress, provided the excursion has garnered sufficient participants at the early stage.

A: Moringen concentration remembrance camp and Friedland museum and refugee transit camp

The first half of the field trip will be devoted  to the former concentration camp of Moringen near Göttingen. This camp was in use from 1933-1945, incarcerating political rebels, women and young men. A guided tour around the historical site will be followed by an insight into the archive (if participants are interested). After lunch at the canteen the participants will proceed to Friedland.

The Friedland museum offers fascinating insights into the history of the Friedland refugee transit camp which more than four million people have passed through from 1945 until today. It provides in-depth information on migration in all of Germany. Participants will have a guided tour around the museum which recaptures the history of the transit camp, as well as have the opportunity to join a tour on the site of the transit camp itself.

Departure: 9:00am; Return:~5pm
Special price for SIEF delegates: €33
The number of participants is limited to 30.

B: Sites of repair: a tour to local architectural heritage and its sustainers

Germany has over 2 million remaining half-timbered houses built from the 13th to the 20th century, and the area around Göttingen is one of the most manifold half-timbered house landscapes in Europe. Many of these old houses have become a challenge for both private and public owners. Put together a hundred or more years ago, for lifestyles totally different from those familiar to us, they have to be repaired, maintained and linked up to modern use and users. On a tour through the picturesque region we will introduce you to three exemplary towns (Wanfried, Witzenhausen and Hann. Münden), where different local actors and initiatives have taken on the adventure of sustaining this architectural heritage.

This excursion has been prepared in the context of a seminar by CA/EE students from near and abroad. It includes transport, guided tours, lunch in an Art Deco style cigar factory, a coffee break in a 17th century church, as well as an accompanying booklet.

Departure: 9am in front of the Stadthalle (Albaniplatz 2); Return: 6.30pm
Special price for SIEF delegates: €45
The number of participants is limited to 25. To facilitate planning, please register by March 17th!

C: The Lower-Saxon Open-Air Museum Cloppenburg (CANCELLED)

D: The European Bread Museum in Ebergötzen

This day-trip will take the participants to the small village of Ebergötzen not far from Göttingen. Using public transport to get there, we will first visit the European Bread Museum in Ebergötzen. We will enjoy a guided tour through the museum collections and its gardens with honeybees, hopefully enjoying a sunny spring day. The visit also includes an instructed bread-baking session, so that participants will bring self-made bread back home. Later, we will learn about the technical aspects of running the nearby water-mill and hear about the artist Wilhelm Busch who immortalized his youth in Ebergötzen in the early 19th century in his comic story “Max und Moritz”. Lunch and a coffee break will be offered in the museums’ coffee shop.

The participants will use the regional bus.
Departure: 9:15am at the central bus station in front of the railway station; Return: ~5:20pm
Special price for SIEF delegates: €25 EUR (lunch can be purchased separately at the Bread Museum)
The number of participants is limited to 25.


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