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2013 winner of the SIEF Young Scholar Prize

SIEF’s Young Scholar Prize 2013 goes to Ruth Goldstein
In recognition of the important contribution of young scholars to the field and as a symbolic gesture to stimulate their research and participation in the society, SIEF offers a young scholar prize for the best ethnological research published in between its conferences. The winner of the 2013 prize is Ruth Goldstein from Berkeley for her article ‘Talking Drums and Ethical Conundrums’. Ruth Goldstein is a PhD candidate in the joint medical anthropology program at the Universities of California, Berkeley (UCB) and San Francisco (UCSF). She holds a MA in folklore from UCB.
Download the article (PDF) or go to the online version published in Anthropology Matters 2010, Vol 12 (1)

The prize is awarded to her in recognition of ethnological research of outstanding quality and unusual originality. Though dealing with the very difficult matter of the ritual of female circumcision among the poorest women in the world, it recognizes important ethnographic ethical perspectives and presents sophisticated new ways of regarding how complex the ritual is in the everyday life of these women. Using a triangular methodological framework Goldstein shows how it is possible to throw new light on the ritual.

Goldstein will present her research at the International SIEF Congress in July 2013 in Tartu, where the prize will be awarded to her.