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Call for papers:The Ritual Year 2015 Traditions and Transformation

Although festive culture demonstrates the age-old experience of peoples in the form of feasts, rituals and customs, still it is a dynamic and evolving system. The modern world cannot be imagined without the collision and interpenetration of various cultures, due to globalized commercial processes, migration and mass-media activity The festive culture of many peoples is being seriously modified, and the transformations can be traced not only in individual perceptions of celebration but in the whole structure of the festival. Any festival is an aesthetic and social event which consists of a set of cultural elements that were designed in the course of a long history of the development of human beings and society.

Taking the ideas of traditions and transformations into account we will concentrate on several anthropological, ethnological, folkloristic and interdisciplinary themes:

  • The ethnicity of a holiday: from the local to the global
  • A festival as a intercultural phenomenon
  • Self-identification in a festival
  • The Ritual Year: traditions and novelties in academic investigation
  • Collective and personal aspects of a holiday
  • The festive and everyday spheres
  • Emotions in the Ritual Year
  • Transformation in the visual and verbal parts of a festival
  • General and specific changes in calendric and life-cycle rituals
  • Any other topic related to the Ritual Year

Conference venue
Kazan Federal University

Conference organizers
The Conference is organized by the Department of Archeology and Ethnology of the Institute of Foreign Relations, History and Eastern Studies of The Federal University of Kazan and the SIEF Working Group on The Ritual Year

The Head of the Organizing Committee
Professor Guzel Rafailovna Stoliarova (

Conference programme
It will last for three days with an excursion on the fourth day (optional). It will include the annual meeting of the SIEF Working Group on The Ritual Year.

Presentations: 20 minutes with 10 minutes discussion. Poster presentations 10 minutes. Participants without presentations are welcome.

Languages: English and Russian.

The conference fee is 50 € to cover printed materials (abstracts and the program), the coffee-breaks and a welcoming party. We will be applying for financial support and government grants.

Excursion with lunch (optional) 20 €.

Annual membership in the Working Group on The Ritual Year is 5 €

Annual membership in SIEF (15 €) if not paid on the SIEF site should be paid at

Important deadlines

We kindly request your application (first and last names, affiliation and the title of the presentation) by August 15, 2014 to Guzel Stoliarova: or

The abstract (150-200 words) should be submitted by October 1, 2014. The note of acceptance will follow by November 1, 2014.

Further information (on publications and other plans) will follow in the Second Circular.

Travelling to Kazan

The international airport in Kazan ( has direct connections with Frankfurt, Helsinki, Rimini, Baku, Erevan, Tashkent, Stamboul, Antalia and Larnaka. Other flights can be taken via Moscow (1 hour and 10 minutes) and St Petersburg (2 hours).

From the Kazan airport you can take the express train which in 20 minutes will bring you to the Kazan railway station. The price for economy class is 200 roubles (appr. 4 €), business class 400 roubles (appr. 8 €). The tickets can be purchased at the airport. See the time-table:

The taxi from the airport to the town centre and the university will cost around 550 roubles (12-13 €).

Accommodation: In Kazan there over 100 hotels of various prices. They can be easily booked at: (consult the map below)

We will provide information on cheaper accommodation in the next letter.


1 - Кремлевская, 18. Главное здание Казанского федерального университета (Kremlevskaya street, 18. Main building of the  Kazan Federal University)

2 - Кремлевская, 35. Научная библиотека КФУ (Kremlevskaya street, 35. The University Library)

3 - Университетская, 16. Отель "Хаял" (Universitetskaya street, 16. Hotel Hayal)

4 - Пушкина, 4. Гостиница "Татарстан" (Pushkin street, 4. Hotel “Tatarstan”. 10 minutes walk from the University)

On sightseeing in Kazan visit