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The SIEF Logo

Renewing SIEF's on-line appearance in 2013 not only means a new web design but also shows a new logo. SIEF's board decided to go for modernizing the website and to renew the logo as well.

Old SIEF logo
The old SIEF logo

As an international scholarly organization without any thematic or specific geographical boundaries it proved to be daring to have a map as logo. SIEF has used its black and white map of 'Europe' since 2004. During the years this map has been adjusted as it was rightly criticized that some parts of Europe were not (fully) shown. Although there exists of course a stronger focus of SIEF on Europe than on other parts of the world, SIEF preferred to have a more neutral logo. Also because we have many non-European members and are dealing with topics unrelated to Europe.

The result is shown in the right upper corner of this site. The image of our acronym (SIEF) is not designed with a specific meaning, although some claim to recognize a globe ('international') or a ball ('homo ludens'?). Whatever it may represent, we hope that it will anyhow function as a vigorous and recognizable symbol for our organization.