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SIEF2019 data available in an app

The Diputacion of Santiago de Compostela has generously funded our use of the Eventool app for this year's congress. Using this app you can:

We hope that you find the app useful in planning and navigating the congress, and enjoy using this alongside the printed programme, the programme PDF and the panel explorer on the website.

The app works on both Android and iOS. To install the app scan the QR code below or use the app store buttons below it:


QR code for app


Google play icon Apple store icon


Once you have installed and opened the app, you'll need to enter the code for our event: sief2019

If you cannot install the app but wish to view the app within your browser, click here.

App users please note: you cannot build a profile within the app nor use this app to contact convenors/speakers (i.e we have not enabled this functionality); the app does not show the number of sessions each panel has (it shows the start and end times); the app shows the convenors as 'Speakers' and the papers as 'Proceedings' when you view the panel details; when viewing paper details Authors are termed 'Speakers'. Finally the map shows just the main venue and not the other locations in use - for that please refer to the Google map on the congress website.

Recognising the need to better display session times, we aim to add a chronological view to the panel explorer on the website, and improve the time displayed within the panel data before the congress opens this Sunday.