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SIEF2019 14th Congress: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
14-17 April 2019


Through the generous award of ~€17,700 from the Wenner-Gren Foundation and €5000 from SIEF, SIEF is able to allocate support funds to help with delegate attendance.
The rules and criteria are straightforward:

* ‘net income’ means your income after tax, i.e. the amount you receive each month once tax has been deducted.

We will endeavour to make and communicate decisions by the 14 January 2019. Funding will either be allocated as a registration fee waiver in our system, or, if you receive more funding than a fee waiver, remitted to recipients' bank accounts on receipt of electronic receipts for travel and accommodation. If a delegate does not attend the conference for whatever reason (accident, family emergency, visa restriction, etc), they will be expected to return the full sum. If receipts are not submitted, funding is forfeit. These are the conditions accepted in applying for the funds.

The last two congresses received between two and four times the number of applications than those we could actually assist. With continuing scarcity of institutional funding and difficult economic conditions, we envisage competition will be significant. Applications have greater chance of success if the amount requested is low or just for registration fee waivers, as we would like to help as many delegates as possible.

The call for funding has now closed and no more applications will be considered.