SIEF2023 16th Congress

Brno, Czech Republic:
7-10 June 2023

SIEF2023 Call for panels, roundtables and workshops


Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl

(Please note: The call for posters and papers will open on 14 November, 2022.)

The Call for Panels is now open and will close at 23:59 CEST (UTC+02:00) on 17 October 2022. All panels must be proposed via online form, where you will need to enter the following information:

  • the format of your proposal (see below)
  • a panel title (NB if proposing a SIEF working group affiliation, append that in square brackets to the panel title)
  • names and email addresses of the (two) panel convenors
  • a short abstract of <300 characters
  • long abstract (description) of less than 250 words

You may add names of any chairs/discussants, although these can be added subsequently by emailing the admin team.

Formats: panels, roundtables, workshops, combined formats

While traditional panels are a fine and expected part of the Call, the Scientific Committee strongly encourages proposals of alternative formats and combined formats to engage better with this year's conference theme:

  • Traditional panels: these have up to five paper presentations per one 105-minute session, with up to two sessions (max 10 papers).
  • Roundtables: here a group of scholars (usually no more than five) discusses themes/issues of general scholarly interest in front of (and subsequently with) an audience for the duration of a single 105-minute session. While a roundtable can include short (5-10 minute) contributions, the aim is to create a lively debate rather than focus on any one presenter. You may list/name contributors in your long abstract, or leave the list open and take in 'contribution' proposals during the call for papers, selecting five of those to be in the roundtable.
  • Workshops: conceptualised as practical events containing collective research activities, guided interactions and free-format exchanges leading to specific public outputs. A workshop may have up to two 105-minute sessions. They may include elements of performance, various collective activities, exhibitions, or interactive media displays. Proposals must list the practical requirements of the workshop at the end of the long abstract: specifications for required space, materials, maximum number of participants etc.
  • Panel+roundtable: a two or three session event that combines paper presentations in the first session(s) with a roundtable in the final session. Rather than concentrating on the content of each paper, the roundtable conversation should be a general discussion on the theme of the P+R.
  • Panel+workshop: a two or three session event that combines presentations with collective activities/practical tasks/performances. All P+W proposals must list the practical requirements of the workshop aspect at the end of the long abstract: specifications for required space, materials, maximum number of participants etc.


  • All panels should have (at least) two convenors. At least two of the convenors should be from two different institutions and/or countries so as to encourage exchange and cross-fertilization.
  • SIEF requires all accepted panels to be open to paper proposals through the website: panels should not be organised as 'closed' sessions.
  • Session length will be 105 minutes for panels, workshops, roundtables and combined formats. Each traditional panel may accept a maximum of ten papers over two sessions. No panel or workshop may run for more than two sessions of 105 minutes, and roundtables may run for a single 105-minute session. Combined formats can have up to three 105-minute sessions.
  • SIEF working groups are encouraged to propose working group-related roundtables/panels/workshops/combined formats. In such cases the working group name needs appending to the title of the proposed panel in square brackets i.e. Beds are burning [Place wisdom]

    Working groups should invite members to submit proposals and all working groups are guaranteed to have at least one panel (any format) accepted.

  • An individual may have each conference role only once during the conference - i.e. convene a panel OR a workshop OR a roundtable OR a combined format once; present a paper or a poster once; be a discussant once (either as a roundtable participant or a discussant in a workshop or a traditional panel or a combined format); be a chair once (in any of the formats).
  • Convenors of accepted panels are obliged to be members of SIEF for 2023. Paper-givers and other delegates are not obliged to become members of SIEF, however all are encouraged to support the Society in this way. There will be a financial incentive to do so, in that non-members will pay a higher registration fee.
  • While adherence to the conference theme is not the main criteria for panel selection, SIEF encourages conveners (those proposing/organising a panel) to make an effort to address the questions and ideas outlined in the theme description.

Propose your panel

Congress format and timetable

Following the opening event (including a keynote), the programme will run over three full days. Each day of the Congress includes an invited keynote speaker and a series of parallel panel sessions that will discuss selected themes. There will be a closing plenary roundtable and the Young Scholars Prize lecture.

Poster Sessions

The poster sessions are meant to provide everyone with the opportunity of presenting their work, without overburdening the program, and accommodate those who do not wish to present orally. Posters must conform to the same basic requirements as outlined for the panel sessions. Sessions will run throughout the Congress, with dedicated slots when poster presenters will be available at their respective display to discuss their topic with the colleagues. Junior scholars are especially encouraged to participate with a poster presentation. The call for posters will open with the call for papers (14 November 2022).


Call for panels etc 15/08-17/10/2022
Panels selected 08/11/2022
Call for papers 14/11-10/01/2023
Papers marked up 30/01/2023
Transfer process 06/02-21/02/2023
Early Bird registration 06/03-17/04/2023