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SIEF2017 13th Congress: Göttingen, Germany
26-30 March 2017

Theme: Ways of Dwelling: Crisis - Craft - Creativity

The 13th international SIEF congress will take place in Göttingen, 26-30 March 2017. For this first SIEF congress in Germany, we expect 800 ethnologists, folklorists, anthropologists and researchers from related fields for four days of stimulating keynotes, parallel panels, poster sessions, audiovisual presentations, book exhibit and social events. The congress opens up to investigation the myriad ways of dwelling. We invite delegates to join this conversation, deepen it fruitfully for our disciplines and explore cooperation with areas of practice and art, present their research, listen, debate, and work out differences, hatch projects, cultivate friendships, and move our fields forwards.

Full programme online; registration remains open; excursions on sale

View the full programme of keynotes, panels, audiovisual, posters and timetable under the 'Programme' item in the navigation.

Register, book accommodation, plan your travel and sign up to one of the exciting excursions taking place on 30 March (limited places available) - all found under Practical info in the navigation.

A full set of documents for the General Assembly are also posted in the conference navigation.


The posters will be showcased prominently and there will be a 'people's choice' award for the best poster and for the most creative poster.

There will be opportunity to show and discuss movies and interactive audiovisual formats in a cinema-like atmosphere. A further format welcomed are media experiments: there will be a room designated for open engagement with audiovisual research and its emerging knowledge formats such as installations, photos or digital arrangements not suitable for cinematic screening with space for discussion in a studio-atmosphere.

Download the full-colour A3 conference poster (PDF), print it off and advertise the event to your colleagues.

Conference organisers

Local organising committee
Cornelius Hantscher, Birgit Abels, Regina Bendix, Sandra Eckardt, Dorothee Hemme, Nathalie Knöhr, Rául Matta, Thorsten Näser, Arnika Peselmann, Eva Maria van Straaten, Julian Warner as well as students of the Department of Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology at the University of Göttingen

Scientific Committee
Regina Bendix, Moritz Ege, Julia Fleischhack, Sabine Hess, Pertti Anttonen, Sophie Elpers, Valdimar Hafstein, Nevena Škrbić Alempijević

Responsible for audio-visual formats
Torsten Näser, Sandra Eckardt and Frauke Paech

The Congress committees are assisted by the nomadic team of professional conference organisers, and membership administrators, NomadIT