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This website has been designed to be accessible to the widest possible number of users.

Privacy Policy

SIEF will not share personal and financial information with a third party.

SIEF does not store an individual's financial information, such as card or bank details.


Access Keys

Different browsers use different keystroke combinations to activate access key shortcuts:

  • Alt+ [the access key]
    • Internet Explorer for Windows
    • Chrome for Windows (note that Shift is required in some circumstances)
    • Safari for Windows
  • Shift+Alt+ [the access key]
    • Firefox for Windows
  • Ctrl+Option+ [the access key]
    • Safari for Mac
    • Chrome for Mac
    • Firefox for Mac

Access keys assigned for the main areas of this site.

Keyboard Navigation

The links and pop-up menus on this site can be traversed using the Tab key or to go to the previous link use Shift+Tab. The highlighted link can then be opened using the Enter key.

There are many other keyboard shortcuts which you can use when browsing the web, such as Alt+ to go back to the previous page. Others are listed here.

Adjusting text size

The site is designed so that it displays well even with very large text. You can adjust the text size of your web browser:

Or set the preferred size in your browser's options.