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The Ritual Year Seasonal Webinars

The Ritual Year WG Seasonal Webinars are organized at the initiative of the RY Board members and with the technical support of the Estonian Literary Museum and the Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies (Tartu). The next webinar is expected to take place in May. The event will be advertised in adequate time.

The webinars are planned to take place once every season.

The link to the upcoming webinar will be available prior to the event. The date and time will be announced. For additional information, please contact the Webinar Series Coordinator Irina Stahl, WG's Secretary, at ritualyear(at)siefhome.org



Ritual Year Winter 2021 Seasonal Webinar (1 February 2021)

Our third e-meeting focused on several celebrations that occur at the beginning of the calendric year: St.Brigit's Day and the Festival of Imbolc, carnivals in Ecuador and the Epiphany. Our three speakers were Jenny Butler, Tobias Boos and Irina Sedakova.

The meeting was moderated by Irina Stahl, our Secretary, and Mare Kõiva.


Ritual Year Winter 2020 Seasonal Webinar, special Christmas edition (23 December 2020)

Our second e-meeting was a special Christmas event during which five speakers from all over the world (Marlene Hugoson, Maria Bernadette L. Abrera, Anamaria Iuga, Lucy M.Long and Laurent Fournier), tempted us with the taste of their knowledge regarding various Christmas dishes and deserts.

The meeting was moderated by Irina Sedakova, our Chair, and Mare Kõiva.


The Ritual Year WG Autumn 2020 Seasonal Webinar

The first e-meeting was opened by our WG’s Founder and Honorary Chair, Emily Lyle. Her speech was followed by one given by Mare Kõiva, the e-Host, and Laurent S. Fournier, the WG’s Co-Chair.

The meeting was moderated by Irina Sedakova, our Chair, and Mare Kõiva.