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SIEF2015 12th Congress: Zagreb, Croatia. 21-25 June 2015

Congress Timetable

Time Sun June 21 Mon June 22 Tue June 23 Wed June 24 Thu June 25
08:45- 09:45 Keynote 2
Keynote 3
Keynote 4
09:45-10:00 getting from Keynote to main venue
10:00-10:30 Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments
10:30-12:00 Panel session 1
Panel session 4
Panel session 7
12:00-14:00 Lunch  Lunch Lunch
14:00-15:30 Reception desk opens Panel session 2
Panel session 5
Panel session 8
15:30-16:00 Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments
16:00-17:30 Panel session 3 Panel session 6 Panel session 9
17:30-17:50 Break Break  Break
17:50-18:50 Opening and Keynote 1
(start 18:00)
Working group meetings Young Scholar Prize & presentation Closing roundtable
(ends 19:20)
18:50-19:00 Break Break 
19:00-19:30 General Assembly


Panels in thematic streams

Location Mon, June 22nd Tue, June 23rd Wed, June 24th 
10:30-12:00 14:00-15:30 16:00-17:30 10:30-12:00 14:00-15:30 16:00-17:30 10:30-12:00 14:00-15:30 16:00-17:30
D1 Film programme (WP008) Film programme (WP008) Film programme (WP008)
D2 Mig005 Mig005 Mig005 Mig005 Mig001 Mig001 Mig007 Mig007
D3 Mig004 Mig004 Mig004 Mig002 Mig002 Mig002 Mig003 Mig003 Mig003
D4 Heri001 Heri001 Heri001 Heri013 Heri013 Heri013 Heri013
D5 Heri014 Heri014 Heri014 Heri014 Heri014 Heri002 Heri002 Heri002
D6 Heri003 Heri003 Heri003 Heri006 Heri006 Heri006 Heri005 Heri005 Heri005
A101 Heri004 Heri004 Heri012 Heri012 Heri012 Heri010 Heri010
A102 Heri009 Heri009 Heri007 Heri007 P012 P012 P012
A105 Mig008 Mig008 Mig006 Mig006 Mig006 Pol007 Pol007 Pol007
A106 Pol001 Pol001 Pol008 Pol008 Pol003 Pol003
A107 SPS002 SPS002 Pol005 Pol005 SPS004 SPS004
A111 SPS001 SPS001 P005 P005 P005 WP002
A112 P007 P007 P010 Home004 Home004 Home004
A113 Home003 Home003 Home003 Home001 Home001 Home002 Home002 Home002
A116 WP004 WP005 WP005 WP001 P008 P008
A118 Urba005 Urba005 Urba005 Urba003 Urba003 Urba003 Urba003 Urba003 Urba003
A119 Urba008 Urba008 Urba008 P011 P011
A122 Urba002 Urba002 Urba002 Urba001 Urba001 Urba001 Urba004 Urba004 Urba004
A123 Urba006 Urba006 P006 P006 P006 P004 P004 P004
A124 Urba007 Urba007 Urba007 Muse002 Muse001 Muse003 Muse003 Muse003
A125 WP009 Arch002 Arch002 Arch001 Arch001 Arch001 Arch003 Arch003 Arch003
A126 P002 P002 P002 Arch004   P009 P009 P009
A128 Disc003 Disc003 Disc001 Disc001 Disc002 Disc002 Disc002
A201 Gend001 Gend001 Gend001 Gend002 Gend002 Gend004 Gend004 Gend004
A203 Gend005 Gend005   Gend003 Gend003
A205 Digi002
A208 Digi001 Digi001 Digi003 Digi003 Digi003 Gend006 Gend006 Gend006
A209 Body002 Body002 Body003 Body003 Body003 Body006 Body006 Body006
A214 Body001 Body001 Body001 Body005 Body005 Body005 Body004 Body004
A218 Food001 Food001 Food001 Food002 Food002 Food002 Food002 Food003 Food003
A220 Food004 Food004 Food007 Food007 Food005 Food005
A223 Rur001 Rur001 Rur001 SPS003 SPS003 SPS003 Nar007 Nar007 Nar007
A224 Rur002 Rur002 Rur002 Rur004 Rur004 Rur003
A225 Nar005 Nar005 Nar005 Nar006 Nar002 Nar002 Nar002
A226 Nar008 Nar008 Nar008 P001 P001   Nar001
A227 Reli002 Reli002 Reli002 Reli004 Reli004 Reli004 Reli005 Reli005 Reli005
A228 P003 P003 P003 Reli006 Reli006 Reli006 Reli009 Reli009
A229 Reli008 Reli007 Reli007 Reli003 Reli003 Reli003 Reli001 Reli001 Reli001
Library WP003 WP003 WP003