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SIEF2021 15th Congress

Helsinki, Finland
19-24 June 2021

Breaking the rules? Power, participation, transgression

Other information

How do you get into the congress

  • We will not be sending out any Zoom links, as the sessions in Zoom can all be accessed via Whova
  • All conference access happens via Whova: either in the Whova web app that opens in an internet browser on your computer, or a downloaded Whova app on a mobile device (phone, tablet).
  • We recommend that you use the Whova web app in your internet browser on your computer (Chrome works best, but Firefox and Safari should be fine) to enter if you are an active participant in a panel (convenor, presenter, discussant, chair)
  • If you are simply attending/watching and not planning to go on stage, share screen etc, you can join via the downloaded Whova app on your mobile device

Here is the link to access the Whova web app in your internet browser:

If you have not yet created an account in Whova:

  • Click the 'Sign up here' option, below the 'Login' button
  • To sign up as a Whova user, use the same email address we’re writing to (and which you registered for the congress with)
  • Enter your name and email address and choose a password for your account
  • Upload an avatar/photo of yourself (if you wish), add your affiliation and/or few interests - entering this data is optional but facilitates networking
  • Having created your account, you will enter the Whova event main page where you will see the SIEF logo and an image of the University of Helsinki

If you have created Whova account:

Log in to Whova with your email and password and you should land on the Whova event main page where you will see the SIEF logo and an image of the University of Helsinki.

How to enter a particular session, once inside Whova

  • In the vertical menu on the left, click on 'Agenda'
  • You will now see two tabs in the middle, headed by dates: the “Full agenda” for the whole event (N.B. we are still working on it, so some details you see on the Congress website are yet to be added) and the “My agenda” where you 'favourite' sessions/events
  • Find a session by using the 'search' function above the agenda tabs and enter your session reference number (for example: Rel03a) and click on the session title
  • Having clicked on the session title, you will see the options of joining the session via Zoom (you must have the Zoom app installed on your computer) or via the Whova web app that you are in. We strongly recommend that presenters and convenors use Zoom for their sessions.
  • When you click on Zoom you will be able to open the Zoom session in the downloaded Zoom app on your computer
  • If you click on Whova (recommended in case you are simply listening/watching, not actively participating, a little screen will open inside the Whova web app in the browser window you have open already

Congress recording policy

Congress recording policy: this can be seen here and summarised as we'll record everything to facilitate access for delegates who are unable to watch them live, be that due to time zones or domestic duties. However any panel or presenter not wishing to remain in recordings can inform us and we will edit those out, so no record remains, in accordance with privacy laws.

Rules on participation

Please note that an individual cannot present more than one paper at the SIEF conference, nor convene or be a chair or discussant more than once. Convenors of accepted panels, roundtables and workshops or combined formats are obliged to be members of SIEF for 2021. Members of the association and of WCAA sister-associations can register for the conference at a discounted fee.

Editing your name and institution in the system (Cocoa)

You can access your data (paper or panel information, personal data details) by logging into Cocoa from the login link above (third from the right on the green horizontal navigation bar, a human head icon). Once logged in, you will be taken through your contacts page where you can change and save any details you wish to alter of your personal profile: your title, name and institution as these are visible on public panel pages. Once you have saved the changes and/or clicked “Proceed” at the bottom of the page, the interface will then automatically take you back to the conference home page. The Login icon on the horizontal navbar should now show “logged in” and an arrow for a drop-down menu. Click on that, pick conferences, which will open up the correct section in Cocoa. This page will show previous conference registrations first; if you want to go to your panels/paper, you need to scroll down. Click on the panel or paper title, there you can make any necessary adjustments to abstracts etc.

Acceptance letters

Formal acceptance letter (signed pdf on headed paper) can be downloaded from the login environment (see login instructions above!). Log in, proceed past your contact details with the “Proceed” button (located under the contact fields), go to “Conferences” and then scroll through to your panel/paper. There will be an encircled A at the end of the panel/paper title line. Click on this, download the pdf. Please note that we do not send such letters by post.

Controlling/editing your panel

Panel proposers can use the login link in the menu above to edit their proposals. Later, when panels have been accepted, the convenors of accepted panels are requested to administer their panels via this login environment. Convenors should log in to state any specific timing requests for their panel (when directed to do so by the conference administrator) and to manage the paper proposals. Co-convenors or chairs/discussants cannot be added/removed nor can panels be withdrawn through this environment - please email us to do this

Chairs and discussants

If you wish to add chairs or discussants, please contact us . If these roles are to be taken by convenors, then there is no need to send in your own name as it is implicit that this will be the case where other names are not listed.

Length of panels

Each panel/workshop slot will be 105 minutes long, accommodating a maximum of five presenters; each panel/workshop may only extend over two slots, i.e. a maximum of 10 presenters and no longer than a day.

Pre-circulation of papers

SIEF has no rule about this; however many convenors are keen to pre-circulate completed papers. To facilitate this and save on email traffic, if requested by convenors, authors can upload PDFs of their papers within the online system, which will then show as a downloadable file beneath their abstract on the public panel page on this site.

Timing of presentations

Panels will have a maximum of three 105-minute panel sessions, each of which may hold up to five papers. So at most a panel will have 15 papers. Convenors are free to allocate the time in their sessions as they like. Convenors should allot each presenter a maximum of 20 minutes (~15 for presentation and ~5 for questions/discussion).

Communication between authors/convenors

Convenor/author email addresses are not shown on the panel pages for anti-spam reasons. However there is an in-built secure email messaging system. If you cannot work that, please email to obtain relevant email addresses.

Convenor responsibilities

It is the convenors' responsibility to ensure that all panel participants are well briefed and that the panel continues to meet SIEF2021 requirements. To that end, convenors should not only communicate their decisions over proposals to paper proposers, but also later in the process, email the panelists to:

  • inform them of the speaking order (albeit this is displayed on the public panel page)
  • inform them as to how much time they have been allocated
  • remind them to register (the registration status can be seen in the login environment)
  • inform them of any late changes or additional chairs/discussants, and give any other information related to the panel
  • if panelists withdraw, convenors should mark these withdrawals in the login environment to inform the organisers