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SIEF2021 15th Congress

Helsinki, Finland
19-24 June 2021

Breaking the rules? Power, participation, transgression

Virtual book exhibitors

The SIEF2021 annual conference will take place as a virtual online conference over six days, and is likely to attract around 900 delegates, comprising academics and researchers from ethnology, folklore and anthropological studies across Europe and elsewhere. This year we are using the award-winning Whova platform which provides a within-event cohesive experience for delegates during and between live sessions. Exhibitors can purchase their own virtual exhibit booth for the duration of the online conference. You can decide your opening hours each day and have representatives present at certain times to engage with delegates via video and text chat. We will promote your opening times and any events you hold in your booth in the conference timetable and remind delegates with push notifications within the event app.

In a Whova exhibitor booth you can interact with delegates via:

  • livestream video,
  • a clear and simple text chat window for real time interaction with multiple attendees,
  • one pre-recorded video, for times when your booth is not “open”, that delegates can watch,
  • handouts (maximum 2 PDF handouts, each with a max size of 10MB) that delegates can download,
  • no limit to the number of external website links.

Within your booth, you can also provide or setup:

  • promotional offers (which link to lead collection),
  • your logo, contact details, images & description of your institution/ company,
  • extra booth staff in order to interact with more attendees,
  • lead collection from those who visit the booth via your promotional offers and other means within the Whova app.

Lastly, if you decide to take a booth at the conference, you will be able to set up your booth (via a link we provide) just as you wish. You can get a glimpse of how the Whova exhibitor booths work here (video and text).

A dedicated virtual publisher booth in Whova costs 200 EUR.

How to book

Email to book a virtual exhibition booth at SIEF2021. Please provide the names and email addresses of up to three representatives; we will send them instructions as to how to register in our system, as all reps can attend any conference sessions they wish to.

Sign up to a free demonstration

If you need more information than that provided, before making a booking and you wish to see an exhibitor’s demo in Whova, please email and we can schedule a special demo for exhibitors.

Key dates

Call for panels etc 06/07-21/09/2020
Panels selected 15/10/2020
Call for papers 23/10-26/11/2020
Papers marked up 14/12/2020
Transfer process 21/12/2020-18/01/2021
Early Bird registration 15/02-12/04/2021