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SIEF has two peer-reviewed, scholarly journals:

EEEthnologia Europaea. Journal of European Ethnology. Printed journal, published twice a year, with a focus on European cultures and societies. SIEF members receive printed copies of every issue and electronic access to backlist issues older than one year (plus current year). Issues older than three years (plus current year) are Open Access. Founded in 1966.


Cultural AnalysisCultural analysis. An Interdisciplinary Forum on Folklore and Popular Culture. Open Access, online journal, with a global scope, dedicated to investigating expressive and everyday culture. From 2016 on, there will be two volumes per year: a special issue, edited by guest editors, and a regular issue with mixed contributions. Founded in 1999.


SIEF Publishes the bi-annual SIEF Newsletter

Conference publications
Find here conference proceedings and related publications to past SIEF congresses.

Publications on the History of SIEF
In this voluntary online depot you will find SIEF-related publications by members. Please contact with suggestions of articles to be published in this section.

SIEF does not publish scholarly works itself. Usually the outcome of congresses and working group conferences are published by independent publishers. However such publications are allowed to bear a secondary ISBN number of SIEF, which makes them recognisable as a SIEF related publication. Such an ISBN number can be requested from the secretariat.