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Joint message from Archives and Cultural Heritage and Property WGs – Spring SIEF Newsletter

The Cultural Heritage and Property (CHP) and Archives (WGoA) working groups were delighted to receive funding of 2000 Euros from SIEF for its support for digital streaming and other expenses of the Archives of Latvian Folklore’s conference, Archives of Traditional Culture: 100 + 10, to be held 29–31 October 2024 in Riga as a hybrid in-person and online convening. The conference is also supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, the State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvian National Commission for UNESCO, and Riga City Council. The conference, which celebrates the Archive’s 100th anniversary, will deal with both historical and contemporary documentation and address a diverse range of issues relating to the past, present, and future of archives of traditional culture. Maryna Chernyavska, co-chair of the WGoA, will be one of the keynote speakers. She will discuss the role of folklore archives in shaping societal memory about past and present. The other keynoter will be Sanita Rainsone, who will focus on the collaborative aspects of folklore archives and their digital futures in the emerging era of artificial intelligence.
The organizing committee can be reached by email. Registration is currently open for individuals presenting at the conference, and more details on the programme and general registration will be available in due course.



Online Webinar Series in Partnership With SAMLA

Recordings of past webinars are available here.

Folklore Archive Webinars - May 2023
Siv Gøril Brandtzæg
From tradition to tablet: Constructing a database of Norwegian skilling ballads

Folklore Archives Webinars - March 2023
Katherine Borland & Jasper Waugh-Quasebarth
The University Folklore Archives: Institutional or Community Resource?

Folklore Archives Webinars - February 2023
Christina Crowder
Community-Centered Models for Musical Folklore Projects:
The Kiselgof-Makonovetsky Digital Manuscript Project and the Klezmer Archive Project

Folklore Archives Webinars - January 2023
James Deutsch
Festivals as Teaching Tools for Folklore Archives

Folklore Archives Webinars - December 2022
Dr. Ioannis Karachristos & Dr. Paraskevas Potiropoulos
Traditional Folklore archives in the Digital era. Curation and documentation, challenges and prospects in the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre Archive

Folklore Archives Webinars - Novemeber 2022
Mari Sarv & Kati Kallio
Towards a lab of folklore texts: explorations on Finnic oral poetry

Folklore Archives Webinars - May 2022

Tim Tangherlini
Professor, Dept of Scandinavian and the Program in Folklore
University of California, Berkeley

"Multilingual Search and Challenges for the Archive in the 21st Century: Lessons from ISEBEL"

Folklore Archives Webinars - April 2022

Presentation by Elija Stark, (Docent, Development manager, Finnish Literature Society), entitled:
"From genre analysis to examination of everyday narratives. A short history of the vocabulary" uses in the Folklore archives of the Finnish Literature Society


Quod oculus non videt, cor non dolet?

A SIEF Archives Working Group Conference
Amsterdam, October 21 – 23, 2020

Organised by: Meertens Instituut, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185, 1012 DK Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Event is cancelled and theme is moved to SIEF2021 as a work group panel

Panels at SIEF2019 14th Congress, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 14-17 April 2019

Keeping track of your field data; convenors Maryna Chernyavska and Kelly Fitzgerald
Participatory Archives in a Transforming World; convenors Sanita Reinsone and Ave Goršič

17–19 October 2018 conference History, Memory, and Archives: Sensitive Issues took place in Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, Vilnius

Conference was dedicated to the Centenary of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. For more information, click here

The Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries Conference

7th March to 9th March 2018 The Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries Conference took place in University of Helsinki, Finland. Conference was looking to extend the scope of digital humanities research covered, both into new areas, as well as beyond the Nordic and Baltic countries.

There was an archives panel within the conference - for more details, see here.

For more information, please visit conference website.

Towards Digital Folkloristics. Research
            Perspectives. Archival Praxis. Ethical Challenges
In September 14–16, 2016, the conference “Towards Digital Folkloristics. Research Perspectives. Archival Praxis. Ethical Challenges” took place in Riga, Latvia. The conference was devoted to the rapidly evolving field of digital folkloristics with a particular focus on tradition archives dealing with information technology.

For further information, please visit the conference website.

The Network of Nordic and Baltic Tradition Archives took place in Copenhagen, August 18, 2015 at the Dansk Folkemindesamling (The Danish Folklore Archives), Det Kongelige Bibliotek (The Royal Library).

Panels at SIEF2015 12th Congress: Zagreb, Croatia

Archives, digital collections, on-line databases and the internet Everyone an archivist?

The role of participatory archives in creating cultural heritage

Visions and traditions: the production of knowledge at the tradition archives

Ethnographic archives: should we share or should we hide?

The first meeting and seminar of the Network of Nordic and Baltic Tradition Archives took place in Oslo, Lysebu, April 13-15, 2015.

The Role of Archives in the Circulation Chain of Traditions
Founding panel at the 11th international SIEF congress, Tartu, July 2013