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Brand new smart portal for ethnological sensations film series


Check out a new resource for teachers, students, and scholars of ethnology, folklore, and related fields - Sensation Station: We introduce a portal for ethnological sensations, categorized by theme (from "Body, senses, emotions" to "Rituals and feasts", from "Fieldwork" to "Museums and archives", and from "Houses and homes" to "Migration and mobility", to name just a few). Take a look, try playing with it, and invite your students to do the same (it works on your smartphone too). View the new resource.



What is European Ethnology?

Jubilee VideosEthnology in three and a half minutes: the what, the why, the when, and the how.
SIEF presents a short film on European Ethnology.
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Preparations for Santiago de Compostela 2019

SIEF 2019A short film on preparations for the next SIEF conference in Santiago de Compostela in 2019
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Welcome to Göttingen 2017

SIEF 2017A short film advertising the SIEF conference in Göttingen in 2017
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Zagreb Congress Sensation

Zagreb Congress SensationLet the sights and sounds in this short film carry you back to the 2015 congress in Zagreb and make you curious about the SIEF congress in Göttingen in 2017
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Opening Keynote Lecture at SIEF 2015

SIEF 2015Watch the opening keynote lecture from Orvar Löfgren in Zagreb at SIEF 2015
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Jubilee lectures

Jubilee Videos

The illustrious line-up of speakers for the Jubilee Symposium included two of SIEF's ex-presidents, Regina Bendix and Konrad Köstlin, SIEF's official historian Bjarne Rogan, two special invited guests, Jasna Čapo and Orvar Löfgren, the executive vice-president of SIEF Peter Jan Margry and SIEF's president Valdimar Hafstein. We are happy to present to you the video’s of the lectures on this site. View >>