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SIEF gathers every two years for its international congress, where colleagues engage with one another's work and enjoy each other's company. The SIEF congress is an intellectual festival where we showcase the state of the art in our fields and a ritual time in the academic calendar, crucial for building professional networks, hatching collaborative projects, finding inspiration, and cultivating friendships. Between congresses, SIEF's numerous working groups provide platforms for critical debate, networking, and exchange of information; they organize their own meetings and sponsor publications.

SIEF has two professional journals, both Open Access and published online: Ethnologia Europaea and Cultural Analysis. In addition, SIEF communicates with members through its website and with two newsletters sent out every year.

The annual membership fee is €40. If you opt to pay for two years membership in one go, we offer a discounted price of €70. By becoming a member, you help keep SIEF going as a strong professional organization, you participate in the SIEF community, and you can shape the future of our fields.

Specifically, membership gives you the right:

Applications will be for membership starting in the current calendar year

To apply for membership or to re-join if your membership has lapsed, you will have to enter/update your contact details, then select one or two years' subscription.

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