Young Scholars Working Group

The new board would like to welcome you all to join the Young Scholars Working Group and thereby help us to strengthen the foundation of our disciplines. The major task of this working group is to introduce young academics to SIEF in the early stages of their academic careers and will thus function as a platform where we can share relevant information about topics concerning students and young scholars.

One demanding task for students and young scholars is to enter professional networks enabling them to participate in international academic circles. The Young Scholars Working Group aims to create a broad network that promotes the projects of students and young scholars but will also serve as a forum to discuss practical matters such as daily university life (learning and teaching), academic experience and international studies.

In order to establish this broad network, apart from the SIEF working group page, we will create social networking sites where information about interesting conferences, seminars, workshops and documentary film festivals, to name but a few things, will be available. Another purpose of the group is to provide information about available programs in ethnology, cultural anthropology, and folklore at European universities and institutions. The information collected will form a database that should give an overview of our disciplines and their institutional characteristics and contexts. It is our hope that the circulation of such information could serve as an entry point for closer collaboration between these departments and institutions, both within and outside Europe, allowing for more flexibility in terms of studies and future projects.

We believe that bringing together students and other young scholars in this working group can stimulate fruitful collaborations and joint projects that are vital for the future of our disciplines across Europe. We therefore encourage everyone interested in joining the working group to bring their ideas forth at the online platforms (once they are up and running), and to participate in upcoming workshops and seminars. Furthermore, we encourage all SIEF members to spread the word and introduce the group to students and young scholars within their respective universities, institutions and academic circles.

All ideas, questions and constructive remarks will be fondly received. email us at

Gunnar Óli Dagmararson, Co-Chair, University of Iceland,
Zuzana Terry, Co-Chair, Faculty of Humanism, Charles University, Czechia,

Zuzana Terry, Faculty of Humanism, Charles University, Czechia,

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