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SIEF2019 Mentorship Programme

The Young Scholars Working Group (YSWG), in cooperation with the SIEF Board, is organizing a special, on-going event to be held during the 2019 SIEF Congress: the SIEF Mentorship Programme. The Programme aims to bring together early-career researchers (Mentees) and experienced scholars (Mentors), who might offer them advice and guidance related to areas such as research in general, conference presentations, teaching, grant/funding applications, the (non)academic job market, networking, and publishing. We believe this type of programme will facilitate interaction between SIEF members, provide opportunities for networking and professional development to its participants, and, most importantly, help bridge the gaps often created by titles, seniority, degrees, and affiliations. Intended to promote greater inclusivity, cooperation, and communication within SIEF, the Mentorship Programme is envisioned as a learning opportunity for both sides and, ideally, a foundation for future collaborations and projects.

Our aim is to connect early-career scholars (undergraduate, graduate or doctoral students, PhD graduates, newly appointed faculty members) with senior scholars from the same discipline and with similar research interests. During the Congress, the Mentees will have ample opportunities to talk to their Mentors and ask questions about the different aspects of scholarly life they are interested in. By sharing their experience and becoming acquainted with their Menteesʼ research projects, the Mentors will expand their own professional networks and create a basis for possible future collaborations.

Several informal events will be organised as part of the Mentorship Programme to enable participants to meet and discuss their topics of interest. These include a welcoming event on the first day of the Congress during where the Programme participants will have a chance to meet and interact in a low-stress, informal environment, and a Mentor-Mentee luncheon. Mentors will also be asked to attend their Menteesʼ presentations and provide constructive feedback afterwards (if possible).

Participation in the Mentorship Programme is completely voluntary and open to all SIEF members/Congress participants. We would like to stress that the SIEF Mentorship is primarily connected to the SIEF Congress. Naturally, we hope that Mentors and Mentees will keep in touch, continue developing their relationships, and ideally collaborate professionally, but this is not a requirement of the Program.

There was an open call for participation and everything is now set. Any questions or concerns regarding the Mentorship Programme may be addressed to the Co-Chair of the YSWG Board, Nada Kujundžić, at: nadkuj@utu.fi.

We sincerely hope our effort to enable all SIEF Members to benefit even further from the biennial Congresses, and create additional opportunities for various types of collaborations, will bear fruit