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SIEF2019 14th Congress: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
14-17 April 2019

Track Changes: Reflecting on a Transforming World

The 14th international SIEF congress invites you to Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the autonomous community of Galicia in northwestern Spain and the destination of the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James), one of the most important pilgrimage routes from medieval times. There could be no better place than Santiago de Compostela to host a conference for those well versed in the science and art of observing and analysing human tracks - ethnologists, folklorists, anthropologists and other trackers of culture. The congress' theme Track Changes: Reflecting on a Transforming World draws upon both the ethnological explorations of human life and its continual change as well as the transforming, yet constant, Camino.

The call for funding is now OPEN, please read the eligibility criteria and instructions here and make your application via the online form from that page.

The Call for Papers and AV media has closed and decisions on papers have been made.
You can read the theme of the congress here and browse the list of panels and other formats here. We are hoping to publish the panel timetable on Nov 30th and open registration in early December.

SIEF2019 Source: Santiago de Compostela Convention Bureau


Conference Organisers

Local Organising Committee
Ana Ruiz-Blanch (Incipit-CSIC), Beatriz Santamarina (U. Valencia), Carlos Diz (U. da Coruña), Cristina Sánchez-Carretero (Incipit-CSIC), Elena Freire (U. Santiago de Compostela), Fátima Braña (U. Vigo), Guadalupe Jiménez-Esquinas (U. Santiago de Compostela), Joan Roura-Expósito (Incipit-CSIC), José Antonio Cortés-Vázquez (U. da Coruña), José Muñoz-Albaladejo (Incipit-CSIC), Luzía Oca (UTAD), Nieves Herrero (U. Santiago de Compostela), Miguel Alonso (Incipit-CSIC), Paula Ballesteros-Arias (Incipit-CSIC)

Scientific Committee
Bernhard Tschofen, University of Zurich (Switzerland), Cristina Sánchez-Carretero, CSIC (Spain), Cyril Isnart, CNRS (France), Ewa Klekot, University SWPS (Poland), Fatima Braña, U. Vigo (Spain), Francisco Cruces, UNED (Spain), José A. Cortés-Vázquez, U. da Coruña (Spain), Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, University of Zagreb (Croatia), Nieves Herrero, U. Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Peter Jan Margry, U. Amsterdam-Meertens Institute (Netherlands), Sophie Elpers, Meertens Institute (Netherlands), Xaquín Rodríguez Campos, U. Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Xerardo Pereiro, UTAD (Portugal)

The Congress committees are assisted by the nomadic team of professional conference organisers, and membership administrators, NomadIT