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SIEF2021 15th Congress

Helsinki, Finland
19-24 June 2021

Breaking the rules? Power, participation, transgression

Events and meetings


Friday 18th June

SIEF Working Group


Saturday 19th June

Working Group meetings
SIEF’s Working Groups take the opportunity the congress provides to meet, share news, discuss future plans, register new members, and elect their boards. They fly the SIEF flag between congresses and provide specialised platforms for conversation and cooperation. SIEF members interested in joining a working group (there are no fees) are warmly invited to attend.

Those wishing to attend the meeting should proceed to the announced rooms.

  • Food Research
  • Francophone
  • Mobility & Migration
  • Ethnology of Religion
  • Historical Approaches in Cultural Analysis
  • Place Wisdom
  • BASE
  • Space-lore and Place-lore
  • Digital Ethnology and Folklore
  • Young Scholars
  • Cultural Heritage and Property
  • Ritual Year

Coordination meeting of university department representatives
To promote collaboration in higher education in ethnology and folklore studies, SIEF arranges this coordination meeting of academic staff members present at the congress, representing their departments and institutes.
Moderators: Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, Thomas A. McKean

Coordination meeting of journal editors
To promote collaboration between various journals in the field, SIEF arranges this coordination meeting of journal editors.
Moderators: Sophie Elpers, Laura Stark, Marie Sandberg


Sunday 20th June

Meeting with Working Group leaders
The chairs and secretaries of the working groups are invited to participate in this meeting with SIEF’s president and executive vice president in order to exchange experiences and discuss challenges and opportunities.
Moderators: Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, Sophie Elpers

Towards New Forms of Engagement – Celebrating 100 Years of Finnish Ethnology
Roundtable discussion on ethnology's societal engagements, acknowledging the 100th anniversary of ethnology in Finland. Sponsored by the University of Eastern Finland.

Narrative Cultures
SIEF Working Group

SIEF summerschools reunion
A chance to meet up with your fellow SIEF Summer School alumni. Find out what everyone’s been up to, renew your connections, and share experiences and ideas. Whether you attended in Tübingen, Portsoy, or Siena, come along to share experiences since your Summer School adventure.
Moderator: Thomas A. McKean

Welcome address to the University of Helsinki by the convener
Hanna Snellman, Vice-Rector, Professor of European Ethnology, University of Helsinki
Words of welcome from the President of SIEF
Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, Professor of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
Welcome address by Seurasaari Foundation
Tytti Steel, Member of Board, Seurasaari Foundation, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki
Opening ceremony / Runesinging by Iki-Turso
Iki-Turso is a performance group experimenting with sonic theatre and runsinging derived from ancient poetry.

Welcome address by the Kalevala Society
Niina Hämäläinen, Executive Director, The Kalevala Society
Music: Five-string fiddle duo
Finnish five-string fiddle duo Emilia Lajunen and Suvi Oskala joined forces in 2010 with the aim of scouring the archives for great fiddle tunes to bring back into the light of day


Monday 21st June

Young Scholar Prize
The winner of the SIEF2021 Young Scholar Prize Ahmad Moradi will present his research in a public lecture based on the prize-winning paper:
The Basij of neighbourhood. Techniques of government and local sociality in Bandar Abbas, by Ahmad Moradi.
Moderator: Ewa Klekot

Journal workshop 'How to get published'

The workshop on How to get published will address questions related to publishing in international, peer-reviewed journals in the fields of ethnology, anthropology and folklore.

In the first part, editors from leading international journals (Ethnologia Europaea, Cultural Analysis, Ethnologia Fennica, Anthropological Journal of European Cultures) will focus on key issues such as submission procedures, timelines, the review process, practical matters, single/multiple authorship, financial dimensions, writing in English, and hierarchies in/of publishing, etc. This will be followed by a short Q&A section. Afterwards, the participants will be allocated to breakout rooms, where they will have a chance to talk to the editors in a more private setting. The workshop is part of the Mentoring Program, but it is aimed at both junior and experienced scholars. Questions and comments can be sent in advance (until 10 June) to: yswg(at)siefhome.org.

Speakers: Editors of relevant journals: Sophie Elpers (Cultural Analysis), Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto (Ethnologia Fennica), Karen Miller (Cultural Analysis), Alexandra Schwell (Ethnologia Europaea), Laura Stark (Ethnologia Europaea), Patrick Laviolette (Anthropological Journal of European Cultures)

Moderators: Ana Svetel, Sophie Elpers

All SIEF Congress participants (junior and experienced scholars) are welcome!


Tuesday 22nd June

Writing Grants for the Wenner-Gren Foundation [Menotring Programme]
The Wenner-Gren Foundation is a key supporter of anthropology worldwide.
Danilyn Rutherford, the Foundation's president, will offer a workshop designed to help anthropologists from different countries and traditions of scholarship navigate the process of getting a grant. They’ll describe the various funding opportunities Wenner-Gren offers for graduate students, faculty and institutions, say something about the review process, and offer helpful tips on how to write a winning proposal.
Moderators: Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, Nada Kujundzić

Music: Suistamon Sähkö
In its music, Suistamon Sähkö combines rap, singing and rowdy raving with accordions and synthesizers. The rhythm world of Suistamo Sähkö is danceable and at the same time experimental and primitive.

Journals' reception
Already a tradition: the reception of SIEF’s journals Cultural Analysis and Ethnologia Europaea in which the journal editors present the journals and their latest issues.
Also, the SIEF2019 issue of the Spanish flagship journal, Disparidades. Revista de Antropología, 76(1), enero-junio 2021, will be presented. It problematizes the topic 'Track changes: Reflecting on a transforming world'.
Furthermore, the planned SIEF2021 issue, a special issue of Ethnologia Fennica, will be announced.
Moderators: Sophie Elpers, Laura Stark


Wednesday 23rd June

General Assembly
Moderators: Rohan Jackson, Sophie Elpers

Reception at the National Museum
On the evening of Wednesday 23rd June the National Museum of Finland hosts a virtual reception and event for the SIEF 2021 participants. The virtual programme consists of a short musical performance in the tower of the museum, a brief welcome speech by Deputy General-Director Hanna Forssell, a virtual tour of the brand new Otherland exhibition, and finally short set of Finnish underground classics handpicked by the museum DJ Susipoika


Thursday 24th June

Young scholars network meeting: Applied Careers and Ethnological Knowledge
The idea of this webinar and roundtable is to introduce different career options (personal paths of professionals) and experiences outside the academic sphere. What kinds of career options can we think of besides the academic research, and what kind of skills are needed? How can we use ethnological knowledge in different applied works: tourism, gastronomy, cultural centers, NGOs, etc.? Can we combine the applied carrier with the academic? What kind of skills, special knowledge should we acquire for different “applied fields”? We ask our participants to tell their personal paths, experiences, and ideas. We also talk about positive feedbacks, difficulties, dreams, and reconciliation with the family.
Speakers: Clíona O´Carroll (University College, Cork, Ireland), Håkan Jönsson (Docent, University Lecturer, Lund University), Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson (Manager at The Folk Music Centre in Siglufjörður and ethnomusicologist working with elementary school children on rediscovering the Icelandic langspil )
Moderators: Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto, Csáji László Koppány

Music: Angelit
Europe’s northernmost music.
Founded by Tuuni and Ursula in the village of Angeli, Angelit perform a dramatic soundscape of intensely hypnotic emotion

Closing ceremony / Party & Dance: DJ Saundi
Moderator: Ulla Savolainen, University of Helsinki
Greetings from Seurasaari
Thank you and farewell address from Hanna Snellman (Vice-Rector, Professor of European Ethnology, University of Helsinki) and Nevena Škrbić Alempijević (President of SIEF, professor of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb)
In a closing party you can join virtual dance with others to the beat of DJ Saundi.
DJ Saundi has provided more than 25 years of Deejay-experience around Finland, both night clubs and private-parties.