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SIEF2021 15th Congress

Helsinki, Finland
21-24 June 2021

Breaking the rules? Power, participation, transgression

Towards New Forms of Engagement – Celebrating 100 Years of Finnish Ethnology

(SIEF Congress, online at 12:30 pm – 2 pm, June 20, 2021)

Roundtable discussion on breaking the rules, ethnology's societal engagements, the social situatedness of ethnological knowledge, and activism in research. Sponsored by the University of Eastern Finland.

  • Professor Pertti Anttonen (University of Eastern Finland): Introduction.
  • Professor Emerita Anna-Maria Åström (Åbo Akademi University): Swedish-language Ethnology in Finland as a Form of Activism.
  • Dr.Senior Research Fellow Inkeri Koskinen (University of Helsinki): Can Activist Research Be Objective?
  • Professor Tuulikki Kurki (University of Eastern Finland): Cultural Change: Publishing Research-Based Knowledge in Unconventional Forums.
  • Professor Konrad Kuhn (University of Innsbruck): “Societal Responsibility“ and the Search for a Firm Ground in the History of European Ethnology.
  • Professor Valdimar Hafstein (University of Iceland), excerpt from the film "An Ethnologist Tries on a Pair of Jeans”.
  • General discussion with the speakers, together with Professor Nevena Škrbić Alempijević (University of Zagreb) and Professor Bernhard Tschofen (University of Zurich).
  • Concluding remarks by Professor Coppelie Cocq (University of Helsinki), presenting a toast to 100 Years of Ethnology. Bring your own drink!

Key dates

Call for panels etc 06/07-21/09/2020
Panels selected 15/10/2020
Call for papers 23/10-26/11/2020
Papers marked up 14/12/2020
Transfer process 21/12/2020-18/01/2021
Early Bird registration 15/02-12/04/2021