SIEF2021 15th Congress

Helsinki, Finland
19-24 June 2021

Breaking the rules? Power, participation, transgression

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SIEF2021 - Audio/visual programme

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Convenors: Anna Lisa Ramella (University of Cologne), Roger Norum (University of Oulu)

Audio/Visual Programme Selection Committee: Peter Crawford (University of Tromsø), Tom Dubois (University of Wisconsin Madison), Lotta Petronella (Independent filmmaker), Itsushi Kawase (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka), Steffen Köhn (Freie Universität Berlin), Andy Lawrence (University of Manchester and, Fabian Lüke (University of Cologne), Moira Marklewitz (University of Cologne), Martin Saxer (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich), Anna-Céline Schäfer (University of Cologne), Theo Zerries (University of Cologne)

SESSION: Belonging and/as Otherness

Monday 21 June
Roundtable discussion on this topic: 14:00-15:45

Tree Elbow. A neo-peasant response

2021 | 43’ | Australia
Michal Krawczyk

In the permaculture site ‘Tree Elbow’ (bioregion of Wombat Forest, Australia) human agents enmesh with equally agentic more-than-human processes through their practice of gardening, composting human waste, fermenting their crops and other bioregional performances of composing with Gaia, to bring Isabelle Stenger’s vivid expression. They define their practices as ‘neo-pesant belonging’ with the land. Neo, as ‘new’ to that bioregion. Belonging, as a process of becoming-with that specific biome’s worlding. A neo-peasant belonging undertaken on the stolen aboriginal land, as it us underlined often at ‘Tree Elbow’. The ‘Tree Elbow. Neo-peasant response’ is a part of a larger audio-visual project from my current doctoral research. The film wishes to move viewers to reflect on what it means to compose with Gaia and their multispecies and elemental communities, how to become-with the land through a neopesant belonging, how to break the rules of the coupled Anthropocene - Capitalocene, while engaging with other worldmaking performances?

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