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SIEF Statement in support of academic colleagues in Ukraine

The International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF) is deeply concerned with the devastating developments recently witnessed in Ukraine.

SIEF expresses its solidarity with the people of Ukraine including colleagues, students, and friends, who represent our scholarly fields of Ethnology and Folklore at the academic institutions of Ukraine. SIEF recognizes the negative impact of the armed conflict in the continued collaborative effort of scientists and scholars of the region.

SIEF promotes academic freedom and the critical role of scholarship in society. The important conversations through research and higher education that take us forward are carried out across national borders. We urge that hostilities be quickly brought to an end, so that the work of building understanding, tolerance, and collaborations can continue freely.

SIEF is an international organization with a 1200+ membership base that facilitates and stimulates scholarly exchange in the community of Ethnology, Folklore, Cultural anthropology, and adjoining fields.

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