SIEF2021 15th Congress

Helsinki, Finland
19-24 June 2021

Breaking the rules? Power, participation, transgression

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SIEF2021 - Audio/visual programme

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Convenors: Anna Lisa Ramella (University of Cologne), Roger Norum (University of Oulu)

Audio/Visual Programme Selection Committee: Peter Crawford (University of Tromsø), Tom Dubois (University of Wisconsin Madison), Lotta Petronella (Independent filmmaker), Itsushi Kawase (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka), Steffen Köhn (Freie Universität Berlin), Andy Lawrence (University of Manchester and, Fabian Lüke (University of Cologne), Moira Marklewitz (University of Cologne), Martin Saxer (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich), Anna-Céline Schäfer (University of Cologne), Theo Zerries (University of Cologne)

SESSION: Countering Ascriptions

Tuesday 22 June
Roundtable discussion on this topic: 14:00-15:45


2020 | 11’ | Italy
Niccolò Masini

An Aleph in mathematics indicates a set of numbers used to represent infinite sets' cardinality (or size). Infinite sets can have different cardinalities. The Aleph express the extreme limit of the number line, applied to a function of sequence that diverges to infinity or increases without bound. Now, try to imagine an uncultivated but living space of vegetation, an abandoned area of approximately fifty square meters between one street and another of your city. Suppose that this space really exists, but nobody talks about it because nobody sees it, nobody can get there, nobody knows it. A small oasis/waste piece of land hidden between one building and another without any access or consideration. Imagine that by chance, you can't see it from your window, but it still exists. Now, imagine building an imaginative bridge that allows you to get there. It is a bit like waiting time, a time intensely real, but that has no interpersonal declination.


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