SIEF2023 16th Congress

Brno, Czech Republic:
7-10 June 2023

Curated audiovisual programme


Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl

Michal Pavlásek (Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences)
Pavel Borecký (Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities, University Bern)
Jaroslava Panáková (Institute of Ethnology and Social Anthropology, Slovak Academy of Sciences)

The audiovisual section of the SIEF2023 closely follows and sensorially reflects the conference theme Living Uncertainty. The board of convenors decided to give space to the presentation of ethnographic films and film documentaries that seek an alternative new path not only for expressing and understanding the many uncertainties of the current world but also for the uncertain future that we already live in and has something to say. What will become visible and what will we hear when we begin to permeate the landscapes of an uncertain future?

By making these invisible landscapes visible, ethnologists, cultural and social anthropologists, and filmmakers bring important testimonies from these alternative ways of searching for an understanding of contemporary worlds.

The audiovisual program is structured according to the following issues: Sensory Landscapes, Future Unfolds, Witnessing Uncertainty, Identities in Transformation, Body and Intimacy.


Call for panels etc 15/08-17/10/2022
Panels selected 08/11/2022
Call for papers 14/11-10/01/2023
Papers marked up 30/01/2023
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