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Cultural Perspectives on Education and Learning

The SIEF working group Cultural Perspectives on Education and Learning is directed at researchers and PhD students within ethnology, folkloristics and anthropology who are active in or interested in research concerning various aspects of education and learning in institutional contexts as well as in everyday life. It is open for scholars interested in all forms of education and learning, within formal educational institutions (pre-school, school, higher education etc.) as well as everyday settings and contexts where education and learning may play an integral part (museums, archives, organizations etc.), including scholars active within teacher education. Ethnological, folkloristic and anthropological researchers have through the years contributed with valuable research and knowledge related to the context of education and learning, bringing in important perspectives related to issues around eg school cultures, learning in museums and archives, children and youth culture, interaction, intersectionality, interculturality, identity, power relations, norms and cultural conceptions etc. to the multidisciplinary educational research context. The working group aims to build a common ground for networking and sharing expertise, research results and knowledge within the field, to further strengthen this research in an international context.

The working group arranges regular activities consisting of meetings/seminars/discussions/workshops with themes related to the working group’s focus on cultural perspectives on education and learning, including ethnologists’, folklorists’ and anthropologists' role in and contribution to teacher education. Activities will mainly be arranged digitally, due to travel/sustainability reasons. In addition, the working group aims to arrange joint panels at the SIEF conferences, and/or link relevant SIEF panels arranged by its members to the working group. The working group may also serve as a network and starting point for collaborations on thematic journal issues or anthologies on education and learning from a cultural perspective, and for finding partners for research grant applications etc.

SIEF members who wish to join the working group are welcome to contact Nadine Wagener Böck at .


Maria Zackariasson, professor in Ethnology, Södertörn University, Sweden
Erika Lundell, lecturer in Ethnology, Malmö University, Sweden
Nadine Wagener Böck, research associate (post doc) in European Ethnology, University of Kiel, Germany