Events of SIEF Working group Feminist Approaches


SIEF WG in Feminist Approaches Interim Meeting
August 23th-25th 2024, Hólmavík, Iceland
The workshop will be 2.5 days in person, followed by our WG annual meeting which we'll open up on zoom for all members

“Woman” on the edge

Our meeting takes place in the remote north of Iceland, itself located at Europe’s furthest periphery. Iceland is constantly in a state of geological, geographical and meteorological precarity on the edge -- engendering an instability that contributes to unstable descriptions and impressions. Hólmavik, at its northern periphery is doubly “on the edge.” We are hosted by the Univ. of Iceland’s Research Center in Hólmavik, and by the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft, which resonates with yet another kind of precarity -- of those outside of society, shunned, avoided, and perhaps in contact with the supernatural. Our fields themselves are precarious in academia. And the status of “woman” has been historically (and in academia and the production of knowledge) peripheral, subordinate, and precarious, despite the paradoxical centrality of “woman” to the integrity of the family, the foundation of said society.
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Due dates
Abstracts: Nov. 15
Decisions on the proposals and open Registration will be in early February
Readings for Concept Pieces: March 25
Working papers to be distributed: May 25th

The Feminist Approaches working group hosts reading and discussion meetings on Zoom every other second Friday.

The next discussion meeting has been rescheduled to the 7th of May, 9 PM CET.
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