Events by the SIEF Working Group Body, Affects, Senses, and Emotions


SIEF Working Group BASE: Body, Affects, Senses and Emotions
Workshop in Lund, Sweden October 7-8, 2016

Convenors: Professor Jonas Frykman and Dr. Kerstin Pfeiffer.

Organised on behalf of SIEF in collaboration with the Ethnology Division of the Dept. of Arts and Cultural Sciences and Centre for European Studies, Lund University.
Workshop venue: Lund University, LUX, Helgonavägen 3, House C, 223 62 Lund

Dear members, dear colleagues interested in the newly founded BASE group!

Following up on the vivid interest for the study of body, affects, senses and emotions in our disciplines, we are now ready for our first workshop where we can take the enthusiasm and ideas from our meeting in Zagreb one step further and formally establish BASE - Body, Affects, Senses and Emotions SIEF Work-Group. As most of you know, this field is expansive and touches almost every aspect of ethnology and folklore, and at the same time puts us into contact with other spheres of research within Academia. That is why our initial meeting in October is planned to be very pragmatic, trying to detail what research is carried out by you and in the scholarly contexts in which you work. Some theories and methods used to address the topics we work with are particular to our disciplines, more still are common across Humanities and Social sciences. Both these aspects: itemization of ongoing research, and charting operative methodological and theoretical issues, will be brought to the fore at the Lund workshop.

The call for papers has now closed, details of the programme will be posted online soon.

The two days will be devoted to round-table discussions divided into panels, according to topics and aspects. Each panel is planned to last for 2 hours, including paper-presentation for 15 minutes. Senior participants will be engaged in leading one or two workshops.

The BASE workshop will be arranged in collaboration with the Ethnology Division of the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences and Centre for European Studies at Lund University. Our hosts will generously provide for lunch and other meals during the two days of work.

There are no registration fees. However, costs for transportation and lodging are covered individually by the participants; you are therefore requested to apply for funding from your home-university.

Jonas Frykman, , can be approached on questions regarding hotels/hostels in Lund during the stay.
We very much look forward to seeing you in beautiful Lund this autumn!
Lund March 30, 2016
Jonas Frykman & Kerstin Pfeiffer