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Inégalités. Migrations, crise pandémique et nouvelles inégalités

Proposition XXXIIIème Atelier du réseau Eurethno du Conseil de l'Europe, IIIème Conférence du Groupe de Travail Francophone de la SIEF, Université de Perugia, Italie, 15-16-17 septembre 2022

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“Imaginaries of Time, Times of the Imaginary”
XXXIInd Workshop of the FER-EURETHNO Network (Council of Europe)
IInd Conference of the SIEF Francophone Working Group
12-14 June 2020, Lodz, Poland

This comparative, self-reflexive and critical workshop would like to deepen the analysis of time and temporalities in Europe, an analysis which had already been undertaken in several previous workshops of the Eurethno network. The focus of this workshop, first based of ethnology and cultural anthropology, is also open to the points of view of other disciplines (history, geography, archaeology, art history, sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, religious studies etc.).

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Panel at SIEF2019 14th Congress, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 14-17 April 2019

Changement de cap ou erreur d'aiguillage ? L'ethnologie européenne et le folklore face aux transformations du monde contemporain; convenors Alfonsina Bellio and Inga B. Kuźma

First conference of the Francophone Working Group

Du terrain à l’archive : les archives de folklore et d’ethnologie en tant que pôles de recherche, d’éducation et de culture

14-16 September 2018, Athens
Hellenic Folklore Research Centre

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Francophone Working Group
First meeting was held at the SIEF congress in Göttingen, Germany - March, 2017

Chair: Dr. Laurent Sébastien Fournier

Secretary: Dr. Alfonsina Bellio, GSRL, CNRS, Paris, France​

Board member: Inga Kuzma, University of Lodz, Poland


Further details about the meeting will be posted in due course.