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Panel: Fradejas-García, Ignacio and Polese, Abel (convenors); Transnationalism, (im)mobilities and informal practices in Europe, and beyond

Panel at SIEF2019 14th Congress, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 14-17 April 2019

Conference “Remittances as Social Practice”
University of Innsbruck, 27-28 September 2018

Organised by SIEF Working Group “Migration & Mobility”, the Institute of History and European Ethnology, University of Innsbruck (FWF Research Project “Follow the Money. Remittances as Social Practice”; Silke Meyer, Fatma Haron, Claudius Ströhle)

View the programme here. (PDF)

The first Working Group meeting "Current Approaches to Migration and Mobility in Ethnology, Folklore and Anthropolgy" was held at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology at the University of Basel, Switzerland, in Sept 2016.

View the programme here.