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SIEF2019 14th Congress: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
14-17 April 2019

Call for audiovisual media

Relating to the SIEF congress’ theme, we call for audiovisual works on the diverse implications of “Reflecting on a Transforming World”.  Ethnologists, folklorists, cultural anthropologists, and representatives of related disciplines (e.g. urban planning, architecture, design) and institutions (museums, archives etc.) as well as filmmakers and other artists (e.g., photographers, sound designer) are encouraged to submit films, audio works, and web-based formats. Special attention will be payed to the specific potential of audiovisual work to the congress topic by focussing on material, bodily, sensorial or spatial dimensions, tacit knowledge or other non-linguistic perspectives of transformation that take place at different scales, speeds, and intensities. Films and other audiovisual media do more than represent -  their processes of creation are already an analytic benefit. Therefore, we are not only interested in classically shaped and linearily narrated formats but also in those works which focus exactly on this analytic value of audiovisual material in its widest sense. In order to be able to convey this spectrum of audiovisual work and its fruitful potential on the SIEF2019, we offer, in addition to the possibility to screen and discuss films, a space for open discussions of audiovisual research and the formats that resulted from it, including making of materials of the inner, slow, and untold parts of the processes involved in our work. 

Terms of submission

To propose a presentation please click on the 'Propose a Paper' link. In your short abstract, please give details of both the content and form of your work (explain clearly whether it is e.g. a film, an audio works and/or web-based format, and how it should be screened).
Please indicate:
•    the name of author/director,
•    year of production,
•    language
•    length (in case of a film), platform (in case of interactive works) and any  further important technical data.
In the long abstract please state the technical requirements for the presentation of your material.

Further information concerning technical state of preview (copy):
•    a preview copy of the film has to be sent as DVD-video or high-quality file (uploaded on the Internet, via a link to one of the common video platforms), multimedia on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM or link to a website.
•    Submitted media need subtitles in English (a transcript of the dialogues is also possible), if the medium is not in English.
Selected media:
•    Selected films will be shown as HDV, DV, or high-quality-file (H.264/MP 4). Films and multimedia will be shown in an English version. Therefore films that are not in English must be subtitled in English.
•    Please consider that we can only accept exhibition presentations (e.g. prints, accompanying texts etc.) that are in a presentation adequate format. We are only able to provide the infrastructure (wall area, computers with internet access e.g.).

On submission of your proposal please send your visual materials to this address:
by post (for DVDs) to:
Joan Roura-Expósito
Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit)
Spanish National Research Council  (CSIC)
Avenida de Vigo sin número
15705 Santiago de Compostela

Online (for hi-resolution material online, a URL and any password required) to:

Submissions must be received before October 15, 2018. 

 Please note that an individual must not make more than one solo-authored media proposal (although they may also convene one plenary session or panel; or be a discussant or chair in one panel). If more than one is received, all such proposals will be disqualified when the CFP ends. Convenors of accepted panels are obliged to be members of SIEF for 2019. Other delegates are not obliged to become members of SIEF for 2019, however all are encouraged to support the Society in this way.  There will be a financial incentive to do so, in that non-members will pay a higher registration fee.

Any queries with the above please email .